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:: a whole great lake’s worth of thanks ::

to all of the amazing and gracious musicians that lent their talents to this record: thanks for helping breathe life into these songs.

to our families who are always the anchor we come back to; to our family of friends for your constant support and love - you feed us from one tin can to another; to the myriad of venues across the country that give us a place to share our voices; to all that lend your hearts, ears and homes to us on the road, you sustain us; to ian for your tireless, heart-filled dedication to this project; to goldenrod for your continued determined efforts to support and share our music with the world; to mamone & riot grrrl for your dedication and idea of greening the rEvolution together; to jim for your humor and grace while helping to bring these songs to life; to dani for once again opening your heart and home to nbe; to cynthia and laura j for lending us your lake erie canadian harbor for these songs to rest; to cheryl, shari, kara, and renee and steve for your everlasting dedication and support, to jamie for being a constant steady place where love prevails; to leah for singing summertime in the wintertime and for crafting lines and hearts together to echo the true meaning of anchors; to the Mitten and the great lakes that hold her and all those we love within her shores.

to susie, our greatest anchor of all through the many changing tides.