"Ahhhh the instruments on the new CD, "Anchors" by Nervous But Excited are organic and rich like good soil. The arrangements are layered in a way, which makes me want to listen and hear it grow. The songs are honest and dimensional. It's music to my ears."
- amy ray, the indigo girls

"A shining example of their mastery of melody, harmony and heartwrenching lyrics." -Curve Magazine, 2009

...one of the most heartfelt and unpretentious releases of the year. Nearly all of the album's 12 cuts are about Michigan in one way or the other, but also the songs are about love, loss and learning. "Anchors" doesn't try to be anything more than it is. But what it is is a gorgeous testament to life and the power of communal music.
-WIDR Radio, Kalamazoo


what do you mean "the green album" ??

well, it's 100% carbon footprint-less!

together with record label Riot Grrrl Ink, we created the first record ever made (to the best of our knowledge) in a completely sustainable fashion.

This means that every pound of CO2 used in the recording and production of anchors, from the emissions used for everyone to get to the studio to the energy the recording equipment uses, was either avoided (carpooling - yay!) or offset by means of renewable energy credits.  We worked in conjunction with vg kids to make sure we covered their energy use in the production of the packaging. not to mention, all of the packaging of this CD will be made of 100% recycled materials!

Both of us have been invested in the idea of conservation since we were kids. From Sarah's mothers prized compost bin and family gardens to Kate's fathers lovingly militant energy conserving strategies ($10 penalty for each light left on in an empty room). We are more than thrilled to take our passion for creating music, dig a hole, plant it in the ground and watch where it grows.

so it's green, what about the music?

musically, anchors is many steps beyond what what we've done in the past... it is representative of a lot of change and growth that we are so excited to share... we've been working closely with manager/musician and friend susie giang, as well as many other amazingly talented artists, to color in the lines of our songs with a sweet-tasting assortment of warming-your-feet-by-the-fire-in-the-wintertime kind of instrumentation.

we picked a few different places we love and asked if we could record there. luckily our friends dani, cynthia and laura j were all very generous with their respective spaces (thank you!) so we set up studio on location in ann arbor and canada with engineer Ian Gorman, who is also a very dedicated, witty and talented musician. we also spent some time in the very beautiful backseat studio with Jim Roll who lent his chops and humor to our lives. (though he still owes us a bunt cake)

anchors is representative of steady places, the hard phases and the comfort of friendly faces. we hope you can find your footing in it.